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Ici Nuit Slaapcomfort

(Bed and mattress specialists)

"We called on Sign & Facade to create our logo, with a refreshing result. The installation of the advertising sign itself - with the lettering wired behind the timber front wall - went without a hitch. The result is something to be proud of!"

Linsy Vande Weeghde
Managing director


"A big pat on the back for the detailing of your proposal and for the way in which the project was executed. Very professional approach, and extremely flexible and quick-paced execution.
Needless to say all of this stands or falls by a solid preparation after the order.
Same as DHL: timelines were defined and met."

Steven Van den Bosch
Fleet, installations and procurement manager


Bechtle, IT specialists Bechtle recently moved into a brand new site in Neerpelt and were scouting for a signage specialist to help them out of a pickle.
Marketing Manager Raf Wellens explains:
“After we obtained approval for our facade and totem advertising permit application, we suddenly found ourselves looking at a very tight deadline. We had exactly 3 weeks to put up the signage as we had already scheduled the date of our opening reception. Thankfully Sign & Facade was able to switch very quickly. They made sure everything was in place and properly installed on time. This gave us a perfect opening reception, signage included. A great feat, which has since sparked a great deal of positive responses from our customers and local business owners”.

Drukkerij Atlanta

"After years of loyal service, our previous advertising totem needed replacing. As a design company, this totem also serves as our main calling card to the outside world. We already had a new logo for a few years and the idea was to also equip out the new totem with the new corporate identity style. Same as before, we called on Sign & Facade. Just one visit was all it took for the sales rep to be on the same page in terms of design and lay-out, which only goes to show the professional expertise Sign & Facade’s people have. We are extremely pleased with their approach, the way they communicated with us, the strict follow-up, and the flawless installation of our new advertising totem. Sign & Facade’s technicians left everything nice and tidy, and cleaned up after themselves. They even came up with a recycling solution for our previous totem. In a nutshell, one address is all you need to get the best service and the best quality solution."

John Alderson
Sales adviser

S-Line Fitness

"Super installation and definitely pleased with the result. Exactly what I had in mind!"

Sylvester Stroobants
Managing director

Pollers Optiek

Pollers Optiek in Houthalen had its entire facade decoration, including signage, done by Sign & Facade.

Shop owner Sanne could not be more pleased: “The coordination and follow-up of the works was impeccable, all within the proposed planning schedule. Considering how the property looked originally, the end result of the facade is stunning. And perfectly in accordance with our fully refurbished interior”.

Sanne’s father, Patrick Pollers, could not agree more: “Our customers are very excited. Being located alongside a busy road, this is exactly the kind of visual aesthetic we needed to make the difference. The result is also perfectly in line with our vision of high quality products and service delivery for the benefit of our customers. We’re passionate about what we do and we feel optimistic about the future.”

immotheker finotheker

(Tenants advice bureau)
"From the first time we met up, it was clear how professional Sign & Facade are in what they do. With our new 'immotheker finotheker' brand, we are keen to set ourselves up with a more qualitive appearance. The rebranding of our 50 branches, amongst other things involving new facade advertising, was a key component of this endeavour. Looking at the finished result, we’re mightily pleased. As such, our thanks go out to Jo and Bjorn, and all the other staff who helped accomplish our project in the face of particularly tight deadlines.."

Jan Romain
Managing Director immotheker finotheker

Pharmacist Stefan Sutens

“In the same way as most pharmacists are becoming increasingly aware of the considerable importance of a powerful appeal for their pharmacy, I set out to find a large, good looking, high quality, as well as affordable LED cross sign to replace my old (energy guzzling) neon. The important thing to me was being able to call on a partner that has an irreproachable reputation and also delivers impeccable after-sales service. After checking out a number of competitors, Sign & Facade’s LED crosses stood out head and shoulders above the rest. During our initial talks, upon delivery and the subsequent installation, it was immediately clear that I’d made the right choice: every aspect was of a very high level, except for the price which came in substantially less than that of the competition. Warmly recommended.”

Stefan Sutens


(Tile store)
“Various suppliers repeatedly crashed into my billboard which ended up looking very shoddy. Obviously, I couldn’t let this go on. Appearance is important. To renovate the signage, I called on Sign & Facade who came up with a professional tailored solution. The result is amazing. The store now has a contemporary look and I’m very pleased with their tradecraft.”

Peter Zeelmaekers
Managing director

Facelift at Alvo Driesen

When Rob Destombes and Eline Driesen were looking to revamp their facade, they were keen on dealing with just one company, and one point of contact. One partner for the exterior cladding as well as the signage. Sign & Facade to the rescue!

“Thanks to their extensive experience, Sign & Facade quickly understood which direction we wanted to go with the renovation of our supermarket. We were extremely pleased with the craftmanship and the quality brought by Sign & Facade throughout the entire process. From sketching the plans all the way up to the finish, down to the smallest detail!”

Rob Destombes and Eline Driesen
Alvo Driesen Supermarket

Van Marcke Inspirations

All showrooms and distribution centres in the Van Marcke network are being restyled in the familiar corporate identity: the white seahorse against a cyan background. Van Marcke is calling on the expertise of Sign & Facade to have all facades restyled.

“Sign & Facade is in the business of delivering flawless facade signage, something in which they excel, courtesy of the wealth of experience they’ve garnered over the years. From the first outlines put down on paper all the way up to tightening the last screw on the facade. In spite of the tight schedule, Sign & Facade consistently manages to transform the facades of the numerous Van Marcke branches in a short space of time into fresh, contemporary eye-catchers and identity markers.”

Luc Van der Borght
Facility manager for Van Marck

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