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Sign & Facade Monitor

Your signage monitored around the clock.

The management of your signage does require a certain degree of monitoring to make the most of them. If you do not really have the time or do not quite know how to go about this, Sign & Facade Monitor is a flexible response to your needs whereby the operation of your signage is remotely monitored 24/7, either by Sign & Facade itself, or by your own facility manager.


Sign & Facade Monitor is a remote monitoring application that automatically keeps an eye on your signage, so you or your branch workers do not need to bother. A practical web interface allows you to monitor your entire chain or any particular branch, at any time you please. You can either call on the services of Sign & Facade or manually control your signage by way of remote control. Thanks to the innovative ‘Internet of Things’ technology, the management and monitoring of your signage is a rewarding source of information which you can follow up in a handy report.

Courtesy of its innovative technology and versatility, Sign & Facade Monitor offers a lot of benefits:

  • Versatile tool with loads of features, for instance loading a set time schedule in the web interface to flexibly and individually set your neon signs.
  • Saves energy and is therefore good for the environment.
  • Constant automated monitoring. You decide when you like to receive which information.
  • In combination with Sign & Facade Care, we also provide for the automatic repair and servicing of your signage.
  • Sign & Facade handles the management and maintenance of the software.
  • Can be used on all our new signage, as well as the existing installations.

Stop worrying about the management of your signage and focus on the other core duties of your business. Sign up to Sign & Facade Monitor and make an appointment with our specialists for advice or a bespoke quote.


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