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Sign & Facade Lease

A radiant business image that is mindful of your cash flow.


Are you looking to invest in signage, but do not want to jeopardise your cash flow in the process? Or do you currently not have sufficient liquid assets to pay for your signage? None of this should stop you from presenting your business to the outside world. ‘Sign & Facade Lease’ enables you to invest in facade advertising without a care, and spread your investment over time. Sign & Facade rounded up the best financing offers on the market for you and, working in tandem with a financial partner, is happy to offer you an ‘on-balance leasing’ and ‘off-balance renting’ solution at very keen and transparent rates for:

  • Investments in signage starting from 5,000 €.
  • With a term between 24 and 48 months.
  • With a possible deposit up to a maximum 30% of the sum total..

This flexible credit plan comes with a raft of benefits:

  • No major investment in one go.
  • A transparent approach: you know the exact monthly cost in advance, spread over the term chosen by you.
  • You can start writing your off loan against tax right away.
  • Your liquid assets remain available.
  • Your other assets go untaxed.
  • You get the benefit of specialist service during the lease period.

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