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Sign & Facade Care

Your signage always visible without a care

Think our two-year warranty period is already splendid, but you would not mind enjoying our services for even longer after we have fitted your signage? Sign & Facade Care allows you to extend this warranty to no less than 5 years’ fully comprehensive.


Sign & Facade Care is our extensive servicing and warranty service. Our specialist technicians call round to your premises to check if your installation is in proper working order. Along with inspecting the most crucial components of your signage, such as the fixings and the electrical contacts, we also clean your outdoor advertising so it always continuous to look spanking new.

This fully comprehensive plan covers:

  • The repair or replacement of defective components (excl. fluorescent tube lighting).
  • Hourly wages.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Repairs being carried within 10 working days.

As with your brand identity, your illuminated advertising is unique to you. Which is why we are happy to put together a quote for our Sign & Facade Care solutions, entirely geared to your needs. Be sure to also check out our other plans: Sign & Facade Lease, and Sign & Facade Monitor.

Our customers explain why they decided to go for Sign & Facade Care:

Hotel-Restaurant Groenendaal

'We are situated alongside a major road, which means we simply cannot afford to have dirty or neglected signs with defective lighting. Not only would this harm our company’s image, it would not go down very well with our target group either. So we were keen to make sure our signs retained their first-day effect for as long as possible. Which is why we went with Sign & Facade Care.'




'It’s all about safety and visibility! We are located in a quarter that is teeming with shops, with signs in all colours and sizes. We stood out courtesy of the impeccable light intensity and cleanliness of our signs. Which meant we were doing a better job of publicizing our business!'



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