relamping | Sign & Facade


Your signage is still lit by fluorescent tubes but you are looking for an energy-efficient alternative while retaining the structure of your illuminated advertising? Relamping is the way to go. This technology sees the fluorescent tubes replaced by LED lighting and allows you save up to 90% on your electricity bill.

Why consider relamping?

  • A profitable and sustainable solution.
  • High light output.
  • Longer service life. 
  • Low maintenance costs.

In return for a small investment, having your signage relamped allows you to enjoy optimum lighting comfort, which in addition is also sustainable and amounts to a substantial saving on energy outlays over time. 

Sign & Facade closely monitors developments in the lighting market. As such, we are ideally placed to present you with the best and most advanced solutions for your signage. This allows for a very swift and unproblematic switch to LED lighting without altering the structure of your illuminated advertising. Enabling you to continue to enjoy your signage for years to come, in a way that is sustainable and economical. Contact us for a no-obligation appointment. We will be happy to sit down with you to discuss the options open to you for your signage.

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