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quality & warranty

At Sign & Facade, it is all about the customer’s need and expectations. This is why we only deliver premier quality at attractive prices, based on over 90 years’ experience.


Sign & Facade will not settle for anything less than premier quality for all of its customers. To this end, Sign & Facade devised its own procedures, based on ISO 9000, which have been implemented to suit the specific needs and requirements of the various projects.

All our materials and products comply with the strictest European quality requirements.

Over 90 years’ experience: Our workmanship and tradecraft are your best warranty!

Most of our employees have been with Sign & Facade for a long time. Each and every one of them are stand-out specialists in what they do. They also ensure the transfer of know-how to the younger generation.

Our sterling reputation is built on our constant quest for precision and product improvement. Nowadays, we are also being called to the services of contractors and architectural design agencies of international renown. Amongst other elements, these collaborative efforts come from the fact that we have devised our own mounting systems for cassettes over the years. For the past 15 years, we have been investing in research and development to perfect innovative technologies that deliver quality finished products.

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