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signage & signalisation

Looking to give added prominence to your name, logo, trademark, or activities (restaurant, F & B establishment, liberal profession, pharmacy, etc.)? A neon sign will train the spotlight on your SME, business, or organisation.

Why opt for illuminated advertising?

  • Boosts awareness of your brand or business identity.
  • Raises the identifiability of your business or organisation.
  • Acts as a calling card for your services or activities.
  • Lends your company or shop an unrivalled visual cachet.

Sign & Facade offers a comprehensive range of technical all-in one solutions for exterior and interior advertising alike. A Sign & Facade technical sales adviser is on hand to guide you through the various options open to you, geared to your wishes and requirements. We are at your beck and call with our technical expertise racked up over decades of experience in concept design, production, and lighting. 

Check out our offering of the various types of illuminated advertising below. Draw inspiration from our projects or contact us straight away for no-obligation tailored advice.