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neon lights

Neon is a classic that is still very successful within the illuminated advertising product line. We provide neons suited for every occasion in over 50 colours and with several diameters. The look, charm and overal magic feel from neon is surpassed by none and still very present in today’s world.

Did you know this type of light source was at the base of the illuminated signage industry? Do you remember the spectacular classic advertisements both in Belgium as well as abroad?

Neon in practice

  • The designer input with neon applications is extensive since it’s a medium that offers possibilities in any direction.
  • Neon is mounted as a text, logo or other decorative element with the connections showing, or it can be installed on a background panel.
  • Neon is also used a light source in channel letters or specifically shaped light boxes.
  • Neons are produced with diameters ranging from 10 to 20mm or even higher and are suited for all indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Neon is connected with either dimmers, programmable switches or blinkers.

Neon applications

  • Neon is used as a signage mounted directly to the wall, on a decorated panel, in channel letters or as a decorative line to highlight the contour of your building.

Interested in neon as an option? Please look at our photo book for examples on the different options with neon.