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light boxes

A light box as your facade advertising can be the perfect fascia for your business or organisation. Especially as light boxes can be built in every imaginable shape and size. Both during the day and at night, light boxes create the right vibe, acting as an instant focal point in the streetscape.

Composition of light boxes.

Light boxes are made of welded aluminum plates and/or extrusion profiles. In most cases, light boxes are painted white on the inside to deliver optimum reflection of light. The box front are made out of decorated plastic (acrylic or polycarbonate), stretched canvas, or from composite plates. We then laser out the positions intended to let the light through and fill them in with plastic. Depending on your requirements, this is done on a flat service, with foil, or with plexi material pierced through.

For some applications, the rims of the light boxes themselves are also produced in acrylic, making them partially or fully translucent.