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facade lettering

Project your own corporate identity style to the world at large? In that case it’s time to consider facade lettering or raised letters. This form of facade advertising gives designers plenty of creative scope so your signage catches the eye at first glance. The result is a powerful and efficient message.

Composition of facade lettering.

All facade lettering is created in-house at Sign & Facade. It can be made from a variety of different materials and material combinations, giving you infinite combinations. If it is illuminated facade lettering you are after, here too we have a variety of options. 

Which lighting to go for.

In essence, three basic types exist: neon (visible or non-visible), LED, or via a projector (external lighting). Depending on your choice, different finishes are available. For instance, an aluminium housing can be given an acrylic front for recessed lighting (neon or LED), or the front can be left open for visibly mounted neon. Or, for indirect radiance lighting, the aluminium finish can be provided with a closed front and open back, etc.

Tell us which message you are looking to convey and we will translate your brief into a powerful and creative design to set out your wares. Click here to see some of our projects by way of inspiration.