cassette facades in lacquered aluminium | Sign & Facade
  • CM Hasselt - cassettegevels uit gelakt aluminium
  • Alcon Couvreur - cassettegevels uit gelakt aluminium
  • Desco - cassettegevels uit gelakt aluminium
  • 't Zand - cassettegevels uit gelakt aluminium
  • Lenaerts Westerlo

cassette facades in lacquered aluminium

Going for an ageless effect with a creative design angle? A cassette facade system with lacquered aluminium provides the architect with boundless scope in terms of shapes and aspect.

Features of this exterior cladding:

  • The cassettes may be perforated, centred, or faceted. 
  • Bent returns may be welded on.
  • The final step in the finishing process is a polyester powder lacquer coating applied in accordance with the Qualicoat guidelines. 
  • Huge choice, both in terms of colour and sheen level.

Would you like more information about exterior cladding with lacquered aluminium cassettes? Discover our projects in our photo book or get in touch with our advisers for a tailored proposal.