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awnings and porticos

Turn your facade into the ideal signboard for your business and embellish it with an advertising awning or a revamped portico design.

Why is an advertising awning a good idea?

They not only dress up the facade, but also raise the identifiability of your business. Moreover, they provide protection for customers entering and leaving. Architects are increasingly seen to incorporate this element in residential projects. An advertising awning can be put up above the entrance or fitted across the entire facade width of your shop.

Why is a lit portico a good idea?

Integrating a portico as part of your project is the perfect 'tool' to draw the consumers’ attention and to stand out from your neighbours. More and more large retail outlets are setting up shop in areas with a highly identikit architecture, facade, and finish.
A portico can be mounted against the building or be mounted as a standalone element in front of the entrance lobby.

Looking to infuse your business premises with that little extra je ne sais quoi? Please have a look at our projects and see what we can do for you, or ask our specialists directly for advice.