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advertising totems and pylons

Keen on having your company or business noticed from afar? In that case, advertising totems are particularly efficient. As they draw people’s attention from miles around, so to speak, they deliver your message and/or logo within the field of view of passers-by to optimum effect. Moreover, they do not impair or harm the architecture of your building as the standalone advertising totem is separate from the building. This form of illuminated advertising is often used for shopping centres, hypermarkets, or administrative business centres.

Structure of advertising totems and pylons.

Advertising totems or pylons come with a three-sided display, giving them 360° visibility. Wheter or not combined with powerful or less powerful lighting, your advertising totem or pylon will see you make an indelible mark on the local environs.

Over the years, Sign & Facade has designed and built countless advertising totems and pylons, including some of the tallest and largest in Belgium. Curious to find out what they look like? Check out our projects or contact us straight away for a no-obligation brainstorming session with our sales team.