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Sign & Facade Liège sa, with registered office at 2 rue des Nouvelles Technologies in 4460 Grâce–Hollogne and company number BE 0402 374 806

Hereinafter, the 3 companies are referred to as “SPLEN/NEON ROYAL/SIGN & FACADE LIÈGE”.

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Intellectual property rights

The contents of this site, with the inclusion of the brands, logos, drawings, data, product or business names, texts, images, and such like are protected under intellectual property rights. They are the property of SPLEN/NEON ROYAL/SIGN & FACADE LIÈGE or third parties who are the rightful owners of the said ownership rights.

Limitation of liability

The information provided on the website is of a general nature. The information is not geared to personal or specific circumstances, and should therefore not be considered to be personal, professional, or legal advice to users.

SPLEN/NEON ROYAL/SIGN & FACADE LIÈGE make considerable efforts to ensure that the information made available is complete, correct, accurate, and up to date. In spite of these efforts, misstatements may crop up in the information presented. Where the information supplied should contain misstatements, or where certain information is unavailable at or via the site, SPLEN/NEON ROYAL/SIGN & FACADE LIÈGE will make every effort to rectify matters as quickly as possible.

However, SPLEN/NEON ROYAL/SIGN & FACADE LIÈGE waive all and any liability for direct or indirect loss arising from the use of the information on this site.

If you should encounter inaccuracies in the information made available through the site, please feel free to contact the site’s administrator.

The contents of the site (links included) may be adjusted, amended, or supplemented at any time without notification or prior announcement. SPLEN/NEON ROYAL/SIGN & FACADE LIÈGE offers no assurances as to the proper working order of the website, and waives all and any liability for the flawed operation or temporary (un)availability of the website, or for any kind of loss, whether direct or indirect, which might arise from accessing or using the website.

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The website may contain hyperlinks to websites or pages of third parties, or indirectly refer to such websites or pages. The posting of links to said websites or pages in no way implies the implicit approval or endorsement of their content

SPLEN/NEON ROYAL/SIGN & FACADE LIÈGE hereby expressly affirm that they have no control over the content or over any other features of these websites, and decline all and any liability for the content or the characteristics thereof, or for any other form of loss or damage as a result of using the said sites.

Applicable law and courts of competent jurisdiction.

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